Photo by Lauren Thurman-KIng  (Jane Almirall, Alessandra Dzuba, Carrie Parker)

Photo by Lauren Thurman-KIng  (Jane Almirall, Alessandra Dzuba, Carrie Parker)

Oracle, Fine Curiosities - a boutique featuring framed insects, unusual taxidermy, beautiful memento mori pieces, decorative terrariums, skulls and oddities. Founders Carrie Parker and Jane Almirall share a passion for the unique and strange side of the natural world, this thoughtfully curated shop is for lovers of the beautiful and the bizarre.


Jane Almirall grew up in southern Missouri and spent part of her childhood on a horse farm, an experience which fostered her love of animals and nature. Jane is a working artist with a master's degree in painting and drawing, her artwork utilizes representative, figurative imagery, which - in the spirit of one thing leading to another - has made her a collector of curiosities and natural science specimens.

Alessandra Dzuba spent most of her childhood days dreaming up animal monsters, pretending to be a mad scientist, and catching and growing butterflies in the city parks of Montreal. Today, she's still dreaming and drawing monsters, but with a bachelors in printmaking and psychology, we're pretty sure she isn't mad. A nomad at heart, she spends her days in Oracle, while the rest of her time is split between co-running Fraction Print Studio, gallery shows, being a nerd, and playing with bones. 

To see more of Alessandra's artwork and articulations, visit here.

Carrie Parker is a Sagittarius, a psychologist and a collector of beautiful oddities. Carrie has a deep love and passion for nature and the treasures which can be found therein. In another lifetime, she was a practicing Witch Doctor with a greenhouse, a menagerie of animals and insects, as well as a knife-throwing studio. 

For inquiries or more information about Numerology, Astrology and Carrie's intuitive counseling practice, visit here.