{ Three Card Monday }

Hi there - I pulled some interesting cards for us this week - let's have a look!


- Seven of Swords - All right y'all, we are in a very receptive place at the moment, our intellectual antennae are raised and feeling things out, ready to focus on the needs of the world. Pretty intense place to be, but I feel like as a community we are ready to step out of ourselves and be more giving. Seven of Swords is also considered a 'vision quest' card, and marks a time for us to find our spiritual voice. Big stuff.

- Queen of Pentacles - We may run into some issues if we are too focused on money, or are unable to look beyond our own immediate needs. We have the ability to be very innovative with new projects and if we invest our time and energy in this forward direction, we have the potential to see abundance materialize in so many different areas of our lives. We are reminded to be charitable instead of greedy - not to sound like a huge hippie or anything, but this Queen is asking us to use our talents to care for the Earth and each other - to be altruistic.

- Six of Swords - If we are able to do this, we will in for a real journey. Six of swords represents a change for the better after period of uncertainty and struggle. It is a symbol of passage and this transition will point us towards achievements in art, in science, in spiritual enlightenment and the beautiful aspects of our humanity. 

 *These tarot card readings are intended for us all as a community and are therefore broad. If you are interested in a more specific, in-depth reading - we offer individual readings at Oracle as well! If you would like to schedule an appointment for an individual reading, you can do that here or give us a ring at 816.982.9550. You can also join us for one of our monthly Tarot Workshop & Happy Hour events and learn more about cartomancy!