{ Oracle's of the Month - Feb }

Starting the year back up with some of our favorites in the shop - the people and things that make Oracle who she is…

February Oracle’s of the Month

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:: Moving Eternity ::

Moving Eternity specializes in creating handcrafted natural goods for your body and magical workings. Their natural wands are made with oak branches found in Kansas City, quartz crystals and is set in beeswax and leather. Each wand comes with a tiny zine. Their pins feature beautiful metallic elements and real snake skin. The beeswax candles are hand dipped and sprinkled with dried flowers and herbs. Each candle is dedicated to a planet or intention. Moving Eternity also creates custom candles with your own intention or deity.


:: Lapis Lazuli ::

Lapis Lazuli ha a rich history that includes being one of the favorite stones of ancient Egyptians. Lapis is a stone that strengthens the Divine connection to the high self. In our daily lives it supports honest communication, inner peace and freedom from negative thoughts. This stone is excellent for those wishing to deepen their intuitive knowing and self compassion. It ties to ancient cultures makes it excellent for connecting with ones past lives or ancestors. It’s dark blue color invokes a sense of calm and peace in ones home or aura. It activates the third eye and throat chakra making it a powerful ally in speaking ones truth from their higher self.


:: Bobcat ::

Bobcats invoke a sly and cunning energy. Their coat act as an invisibility cloak in their natural environment. This is a metaphor for us to live in our authenticity and we will find safety there. Bobcats are a solitary animal and they symbolize the strength in being alone. The bobcat is a patient and observant hunter, like we aspire to be in meditation when we develop our connection to ourself and the Divine. Bobcats are fast learners and that makes them a supportive guide to all students and those who wish to expand their knowledge. They use their fluffy ears and whiskers to detect the most subtle messages in their environment, making them a symbol of a deep connection to our intuition.


{ Oracle Holiday Guide - Part 2 }

{ Holiday Gift Guide - For the Taxidermist }

Figures of Taxidermy - Perfect for the curio collector! We have specimens ranging from taxidermy, bones, and wet specimens. Have a fancy friend who enjoys wrapping themselves in furs? We got you! Can’t decide what to get? Join our Curio of the month club!

Our taxidermy tends to be a little bit more on the expensive side for our gift guide; with small specimens starts at $150 and our beautiful birds at $320. Hanging bats would be our best seller with our tiny new specimens starting at $30 (but they are selling out quick!)! If those don’t fit the ticket, we have a variety of furs and tails starting at $15, where you can choose from rabbit, fox, and even wolf! Of course, we pride ourselves at Oracle for working as ethically as possible, sourcing our specimens from local farmers, abatement programs, and natural death… so make sure to ask us and we can tell you where your specimens are coming from!


{ Holiday Gift Guide - For the Osteology }

Figures of Osteology is one of my favorites with a variety of beetle cleaned skulls we do ourselves, skeletons, wet specimens, loose bones, and vials of bones, teeth, claws, and stones! These are perfect for the yearning scientist, beginning collector, or even the bone collector who has it all (secret to my own heart, hah)! Just like the taxidermy, we work as ethically as possible and do everything in house; come in and see the new skeletons and skulls we are working on… our pouncing bobcat will hopefully be ready by the holidays ;) And if you can’t decide, then Curio of the Month is the perfect solution, where each month we handpick items that suit YOU… and not to mention first dibs on new merch in shop shipped directly to you!

Arcana's Bug Club
from 30.00

{ Holiday Gift Guide - For the Entomologist }

Figures of Entomology is perfect gift for the aspiring scientist. Our handmade frames and spread insects are done here at Oracle, sourced from farms in South America and Southeast Asia where not only do they wait for the specimens to drop naturally but also aids us to protect those beautiful pieces of rainforest… Our double glass frames are also made so you can see the specimens in the round (seeing the interior and exterior patterns of butterflies and those juicy fangs of those beautiful tarantulas). We also will be having a holiday class, Mimics and Disguises, where you can learn how to spread insects yourself! Or… if you are already an accomplished collector or want to practice more bug spreading OR just want to do it yourself, join our Bug Club!


We are so thankful for all of your support and our community of science and occult enthusiasts! We wouldn’t be able to put this all together if it weren’t for you all! Thank You! And especially thank you to our local artists and artists we are honored to carry and work with at Oracle. There are so many things that sometimes it doesn’t get to our social media or online store, so definitely try to make it in… Our Holiday Party, Dec 21st & 22nd, is the best way to see all our goodies and meet all the cool people that make Oracle possible - hope to see you then!

Thank you & Happy Holidays!
- xo Oracle

{ Oracle Holiday Guide - Part 1 }

Having a hard time finding the perfect gift? Well you are in luck - check out our suggestions for that special someone in your life.

{ Holiday Gift Guide - For the High Priestess }

Figures of Rituals has a nice range and a little something for everyone; from someone who is just getting started, to the experienced magician. From ritual bundles that we can customize to pocket crystals - there is a lot to choose from! Click here for individual listings! But if you are still struggling to find the right gift - maybe a Witch Club Subscription is the answer - click here for more info.


{ Holiday Gift Guide - For the Geologist }

Know a gem-hound? We have so many varieties of crystals, fossils, minerals, and geodes. I am really in love with our quartz geodes which are $35 for two halves and our pocket crystals. What better way to show you care by giving a hand selected group of crystals in a little velvet bag. Click here for listings!

…Stay tuned for more!

{ Small Business Saturday! }

We have Tara Milleville of Psilocybin Jewelry & Laura Pensar of Moth & Candle tarot readings. We will also coffee & cocktails! 12-6pm  We are so proud of the community that we are in - Bring in a receipt from any of our neighbors to get an extra 10% off for small biz Saturday. Shop Small & Shop Local! Kansas City has such an amazing community of artists and small business  Proud of our neighborhood! #kccrossroads  - xo Alessandra & Teri

We have Tara Milleville of Psilocybin Jewelry & Laura Pensar of Moth & Candle tarot readings.
We will also coffee & cocktails! 12-6pm

We are so proud of the community that we are in - Bring in a receipt from any of our neighbors to get an extra 10% off for small biz Saturday. Shop Small & Shop Local! Kansas City has such an amazing community of artists and small business

Proud of our neighborhood! #kccrossroads

- xo Alessandra & Teri

{ Aromatic Resins Workshop }

For Strange Women is setting up in Oracle for yet another amazing workshop!
Dec 8th :: 6 - 8pm

This workshop will be held at Oracle Natural Science (Kansas City, MO) on Saturday December 8th from 6-8 pm. 

In this two-hour session you will be introduced to a variety of aromatic tree resins. Jill will demonstrate several ways to incorporate them into your sensory rituals and personal care, including tinctures, infused water, loose incense methods, smoke enfleurage, and a healing salve that we will make together and everyone will take home. 

Feel free to stay after the session to purchase aromatic resins that will be available at the new FSWxOracle resin bar. Jill will also stay to answer questions.

*There are a limited number of seats available. Cancellations/refunds not available except in the case of inclement weather.

{ Oracles of the Month }

When we get asked, "what is your favorite thing in the shop?" we always get tongue tied, hah... It is so difficult to answer, since everything in our space is hand picked.... we love everything! Although depending on the month, we totally do gravitate towards different items or new things we manage to get in stock (which is always so exciting!)... SO! We are going to start a little monthly blog of what we are extra feeling this month. Most of the time they are items that get over looked... Others times they are awesome show stoppers. But want to know why they are extraordinary? Or who are those precious little gems we have been giving lovey eyes to? Or even crystals we have been working with for whats been going on in our own lives? Lets get weird, ;)  


- Bats

Bats are unique, spiritually and physically. They are the only mammal capable of true flight. They are portrayed as messengers, gods, demons and familiars in mythology and folklore. There is also a belief in Chinese culture that says that seeing 5 bats flying together is symbol of the “Five Blessings”: long life, wealth, health, love of virtue and a peaceful death. Their use of echo-location makes them symbolic of perception and clairaudience. Bats are social creatures who stay close to their families making them a correspondence to community and nurturing.
- “I know Bat’s might be a little cliche for the month of October, especially if you are like me where bats are very much an all-year-long theme… but I have a soft spot for bats and especially, Halloween. No one can deny that their obsession of taxidermy and the macabre didn’t start here with all the pumpkins, bats, and cobwebs (and also can’t deny that they cut these iconic shapes out of paper and pasted it all over their rooms until I was able to acquire my own… i mean they… i mean I? i mean… who didn’t?).”


- Hematite in Quartz

These Quartz points are filled with inclusions of powdered hematite. It gets it’s name from the Greek word for blood, ‘haima’ but it appears in a range of colors from metallic grey to red-brown. As with any inclusion, Quartz amplifies the healing properties of the Hematite making it a powerful ally for grounding and manifestation. If you need help getting your “head out of the clouds” this is a great stone to ground you in your body. Wearing a piece of hematite daily is one way to feel its benefits as it calls you to pull your dreams and aspirations into reality. Hematite also teaches us balance, courage through tough times and to seek the silver linings in life.
- “I use quartz as a catch all stone, always making sure that I carry one with me everyday. I especially love inclusions. Inclusions are when a crystal has impurities or other minerals trapped within its form - growing together - a natural fusion - enhancing one another.”


- Amanda Lee of PleaseSendWord

Amanda Lee of Pleasesendword is an artist, activist and herbalist based in Kansas City, MO. She wildcrafts elixirs for our most delicate moments. The TAKECARE anxiety tincture is crafted with high quality spirits, this elixir uses the medicine of Milky Oats, Chamomile, Skullcap, Valerian Root and Lemon Balm. When you are feeling anxious and need help returning to yourself, take 2-3 droppers full of the tincture and you will quickly feel the benefits of these herbal allies. You can find more of Amanda’s carefully crafted work at pleasesendword.com.
- “This tincture is one that I am very proud about carrying in the shop. As a depressant anxious lady, I can say this one definitely comes in handy. Sometimes there is no time to take that breath to calm down or when anxiety takes over… this is where the tincture definitely does the trick. Highly recommended”

Let us know what you think! What is your favorite?
-xo Oracle