Here are some answers to questions we get asked on a daily basis, please don't hesitate to contact us if you have additional queries about Oracle!

- Where do you get all this stuff?

The short answer is, from all over the world! The long answer is, we source our specimens from a small handful of professional taxidermists and insect collectors and occasionally carry treasures that have been found in nature. It is our policy to carry natural science pieces that are ethically acquired, most have died of natural causes or have lived out their normal life span; we buy from trappers and hunters who are protecting their livestock and farms from predators and nuisance animals/invasive species.

- Where do you get your butterflies, moths and insects?

Our insects, butterflies, bats and other specimens are raised on cruelty free farms from around the world. These free range far create a source of income for native people and support tree and rainforest sustainability - which in turn supports the growth of other insects, plants, avian and animal life, as well as surrounding habitats. Our entomology department in Kansas City then spreads, mounts, and frames our butterfly and insect specimens by hand. 


- Do you kill all the stuff yourself?

You may laugh, but we get this question A LOT.

No, no we don't. 


- Do you taxidermy the animals yourself?

No. At the present moment, Carrie, Jane and Alessandra are not trained in animal taxidermy.  We seek out unusual and beautifully preserved pieces and buy from experienced and professional taxidermists - both local and out of state. We do preserve our own wet specimen pieces and construct still life dioramas in our shop. All skeleton articulations are artfully assembled in our shop by a legit Bone Wizard.


- I happen to have a (insert euphemism for animal remains here) and wondered if I brought it in, would you buy it?

The truth is, we might! It never hurts to ask, but we prefer it if you contact us first (either by phone or email - see contact information page) and make an appointment. We know from experience how difficult it is to lug around a giant elk rack, so photos are preferred as a first step as well!


- Can I rent pieces from your shop for my photo shoot/event/wedding?

Absolutely!  Rates for rental vary with each piece and our inventory changes frequently, so we recommend consulting with us first in the shop about your event. 

- Can I take pictures?

We are so flattered that you want to and appreciate that you asked! Because we rent our pieces to photographers and collaborate with artists, we kindly ask that you not take photographs inside our shop.


- Are you witches?


(No, I kid.)

We do carry a lot of items used in spiritual and ceremonial practices, however, so it's a fair question!