Good Intentions Gift Set

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Good Intentions Gift Set


Exclusive online gift set  

In this gift package you will receive (or give) 

  • Palo Santo- when burned it's smoke is energetically cleansing and healing. may also bring good fortune.
  • White Sage- also used for burning, the white sage smoke is said to dispel negative energy.
  • Black Kyanite- protects it's holder from negativity and heals physical, mental, and emotional bodies while keeping it's holder grounded and centered. 
  • A large quartz point- amplifies energy imbued into it. helps to open the heart. 
  • A large amethyst point- promotes peace, happiness, and patience.
  • 2 Porcupine Quills- for self protection, the nurturing of childlike joy.
  • An Ostrich feather- the ability to understand circumstances for what they are; the strength to move past them.
  • 1 framed butterfly- for growth, change, and never forgetting that there is always something beautiful.  

items come packaged in one box and are hand chosen for their ability to aid in generating positive thoughts and neutralize negative energy. Also included is a illustrated sheet describing all of the contents.

Shipping is included in the $55 price. 

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