12:00 PM12:00

{ Bauer Holiday Affair }


Join the Bauer Building tenants for a day of art, shopping, libations and holiday cheer! The artists, makers and shops of the Bauer will open their doors on Sunday December 16th to share their studio experience with the public. From jewelry to perfume; paintings to textiles, leather goods to ceramics, you'll find unique gifts for everyone on your list. Santa will be leading a sing-along, so invite your friends & family, and bring the kids along!

The Bauer is a historic warehouse building in the Kansas City Crossroads Arts District featuring artist studios, galleries, start-ups, retail shops and an event space. 

Shop local this holiday season and support Kansas City artists, makers and small businesses.

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6:30 PM18:30

{ Entomology Class - Mimics & Disguises }

{ Fri 28th }

-- Entomology Class - Mimics & Disguises
-- Come investigating three very interesting natural camouflages that occur in butterflies and insects! Students will learn how to spread two very special butterflies, owl butterflies and blue morpho, and a leaf bug - Sign up here

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6:00 PM18:00

{ Cartomancy Workshop with Moth & Candle }

unnamed (1).jpg

{ Thurs 13th }
-- Cartomancy Class 6-8pm

-- Laura's introductory class on the art of reading cards will include a complimentary pack of playing cards and a sharpie to create your own study deck as well as a copy of The Suicide King's Quick Guide to Cartomancy booklet. Reading cards is a great way to bring a sense of playfulness to your practice!
-- Click here to sign up!

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6:00 PM18:00

{ Aromatic Resins Workshop }

In this two-hour session you will be introduced to a variety of aromatic tree resins. Jill will demonstrate several ways to incorporate them into your sensory rituals and personal care, including tinctures, infused water, loose incense methods, smoke enfleurage, and a healing salve that we will make together and everyone will take home. 

Feel free to stay after the session to purchase aromatic resins that will be available at the new FSWxOracle resin bar. Jill will also stay to answer questions.

*There are a limited number of seats available. Cancellations/refunds not available except in the case of inclement weather.

sign up here!

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1:00 PM13:00

Festiva de Santa Muerte & Chase+Scout Jewelry

Trunk Show.jpeg

Sat 3rd :: 1 - 5pm
Tarot readings & Tea

Let us celebrate our patron saint of the shop along with welcoming Chase & Scout Jewelry to Kansas City!

"With an eye on the primitive and supernatural traditions of carrying personal totems and talismans, I hope to create objects that resonate deeply with the modern soul. Every pendant, earring, and ring is intended to carry power and weight for the individual wearer. My process relies on traditional metalsmithing techniques such as lost wax casting and fabrication, each piece is made using reclaimed sterling silver, bronze, raw gemstones and ethically sourced organic materials.

Inspired by secret realms, hidden worlds, and the tiny microcosms we've become disconnected from, my work strives to capture a slice of that lush life so often invisible to us." - Elle Green

Elle Green is a metalsmith living and working in Austin, Texas. Her inspiration is rooted in a love of the strange and unusual, dark woods, secret gardens, the mystical, and the sometimes morbid curiosity of what really happens during the transformation between life and death.

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5:00 PM17:00

Nov First Friday


{Laura Pensar - Tarot Trunk Show}

-Join us for the release of Moth & Candle tarot deck. First Friday Moth & Candle will have Tarot supplies (deck bags, cleansing powder, spread books, cartomancy booklets) and the last remaining decks of the first edition of The Paris Tarot. Laura Pensar will be available for Tarot and cartomancy readings as well. 

Click here to let us know you are coming!

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to Oct 28

Halloween Party @ Oracle


Sat-Sun 27th-28th }

-- Halloween Bash 12-9pm
-- Sunday 12-5pm
-- Join us for an exciting fun filled weekend with dark arts, music, and spooky stories... We have Curioscape Designs coming in from Denver, some demos by our house artists, spooky art by Sweet Destructor and Cassie Allen, spooky stories by Aaron Hollingsworth, and more to come! 
-- Let us know you are coming


*Join us Sunday 12-5pm for a costume contest for a chance to win 20% off coupon!

 work by Sweet Destructor

work by Sweet Destructor

 work by Cassie Allen

work by Cassie Allen

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6:30 PM18:30

Entomology Class - Moths

{ Thurs 25th }
-- Entomology Class 6:30-9pm
-- It took us a while to get these specimens but get excited for a chance to get to spread your very own death head moth, variety sunset moth, and surprise ;)
Sign up here

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to Oct 21

Omaha Oddities Fair

Vendors continued:

Bonez by dezign
Unicorn Mullet
Eight Folds of Jasmine (Artisan)
Stitchin' not Trippin'
Reclaimed Soul (Art)
Ozone Art Child
Lady Hellcat
Merchants of Hidden Cove
Awl Jokes Aside
Conjure Shop
Dutchess Designs
Oracle Readings by Kathleen from Cerridwyn's Corner
White Rabbit Rawks
New pod world order (podcast)
Ariel White (Art)
Rayne Smith (Art)
Art by Sharon Nicole Cole
JKnox DarkArt
Pixybug Designs
Spiteful Bath Works
Kryptic Kritters
Dreanna (bone and tarot reading)
You do Voodoo
Dylan Betts
Pulchritude and Perdition Oddities

Join us at the Omaha Convention Center with a ton of other great vendors and artists. There will be live performers, magicians, and we will be providing some tarot readings if time permits!

October 20th 10am-6pm , October 21st 10am-5pm 
Where: Omaha Convention Center @CoCo Key 
3321 S. 72nd St Omaha Nebraska 68124

Admission Adults $6 for one day $10 for 2 day 
Kids 7-13 $3 for one day $5 for 2 day 
6-under FREE

Other Vendors: 

Voodoo's Odd Shop (Show Sponsor and Coordinator)
Black Angel Hearse Club Iowa and Nebraska Chapter
Dark Arts Tattoo (Co-sponsor)
Artifice Insecta
ACW Studio
Thompson Design Studios
Megan Schroll Art
Jami's Studio
J Ham Production
Remington Taxidermy
Dakotah Rose Taxidermy
Zombie Squirts 
Macabre Scents 
My Spooky Heart Bootique 
BWarlock Photography
NekkZero Art and Skateboards
Spooky Spectacles
Dermestid Gear
Panlora's Labyrinth
Inside Ashley's Head
Toxic Coffin
Keil illustration
Henna Gesserit
Mad Mel's Tarotscopes
Raven Woman
Oracle Natural Science 
Rattlebone Designs
Creepy Midwest
Zombie doll mommy 
New World Pod Order

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6:00 PM18:00

Open Circle


Join us for our monthly Open Circle - open discussion gathering and safe space for all. We will be starting off the topic with how to set up your home altar and/or safe quiet space for yourself! What type of space have you been yearning for you in your spiritual or creative practice?

Sat 22nd after Ivory Isis Trunk Show
6pm - 9pm

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1:00 PM13:00

Ivory Isis Jewelry & Tarot

Ivory Isis Jewelry will be coming to Oracle for a Trunk Show from 1 - 5pm. There will be tea and tarot readings with Alessandra!

About Ivory Isis:

“Like Isis brought Osiris back to life, I bring old jewelry back to its former glory. I use vintage and recycled items in my work to create gorgeous new designs. I also create original artwork and graphic design pieces. Most of my pieces are one-of-a-kind or very limited edition - once they're gone, you will never find another. I also create artwork, pottery, graphic design, painted silk scarves and other items - I’m a one stop, gift shop.”

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6:00 PM18:00

Tarot Event!

The Brady Tarot is hitting the road and coming to Kansas City! Please join us at Oracle for an evening of getting to know this newly self-published deck and its creator Emi Brady. This event will include a brief talk from the artist and a fully-stocked pop-up shop with all kinds of goodies. This deck will prove to be an instant classic, so don't miss your chance to get it early.

These Brady Tarot b'East Coast Tour dates will be the ONLY PLACE you can get your hands on this long-anticipated deck until October. There are a limited number of 18 decks per stop! All others may preorder at the event and get their decks in October. The box set, which includes a laser engraved wooden box and a full-length book authored by the legendary Rachel Pollack retails at $55. Limit one deck per customer.

We look forward to meeting you, Kansas City!

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12:00 PM12:00

Sept First Friday

Garnet of Gigi Moon Gems is coming back to town for a trunk show here at Oracle! Lets give her a warm welcome back to KC - we will be hanging out all day then start First Friday festivities at 5pm with henna and palm readings by Melanie Kasten - Mauk and Madison Joy

Gigi Moon Gems
12 - 9pm

Henna & Palm Readings
5 - 9pm

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6:00 PM18:00

Open Circle - Mirror Magic

 Image by The Slavic Witch

Image by The Slavic Witch

Open Circle's host of the month is Teri Quinn who will start off the discussion with her practices of Mirror Magic! All are wlecome and all topics of discussion are welcome. Join us in our Open Circle to ask for help, needing perspective, or even working through an art block! See you then,

Sat 28th 6pm - 9pm

*Click the image for a link to a good description of Mirror Magic I stumbled across!

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8:30 PM20:30

Handsome Devils Puppets


"Into Glow, Out of Gloom: a puppet show featuring handsome marionettes in vignettes of folktales, murder ballads, and original songs that I've found strength in over time and have chosen to use puppets to pass along to you. My shows are a stripped down, always honest, often macabre, frequently laughable exploration of the power of your person and of course the power of puppets to help you find that." - Han

Doors open at 8pm
*Suggested donation $10-15
Show starts at 8:30pm



*Not child friendly - Seats are first come first serve

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6:30 PM18:30

Tarot Class - Reading with Playing Cards


Laura Pensar of Moth & Candle is coming to Oracle July 13th (Friday!) to teach us about the traditions of Tarot and how you can learn to do readings with a regular ol’ playing card deck! We will learn a little about the history of playing cards, a few of the different systems used for cartomancy (the art of reading cards), and do practice readings together! Everyone will take home a little bag with a wide-bordered deck of cards, a fine point sharpie, and a booklet with keyword meanings for about four different systems of reading cards to create your own study deck! Time to go All In!

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5:00 PM17:00

July First Friday Art Walk


FIRST FRIDAY :: Store Opens @ 12pm
Art Walk 5pm - 9pm

- Welcoming visiting taxidermist, Mickey Alice Kwapis, for a weekend filled of fun starting with a trunk show of her specimen inspired jewelry for our July Art Walk. Click here for more examples of her work!

- We will also be having tarot readings by featured reader Laura Pensar of Moth & Candle. She will be displaying reading with playing cards which she will also be teaching a how to do it yourself! Sign up now here!

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6:30 PM18:30


-- Carrie of Sacred Psyche will be bringing her specialty back to Oracle with this astrology 101 class with a twist! Learn about the basics of Astrology but also how to use it (integrate it) into your life's intuition. I have always wondered how to use astrology for actual everyday life, career, and even art - here is your chance! Sign up here! $30

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5:00 PM17:00


-- Hosted by Carrie Parker of Sacred Psyche, we will be talking about Moon Cycles and Rituals... but afterwards it will be open discussion about anything we need to chat about. Everyone is welcome! AND WE MEAN EVERYONE! Bring your questions, bring your problems, bring your tarot deck! Lets talk about everything xo

Lecture starts at 5pm, but feel free to come whenever, open until 9pm!

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to Jun 11

CLOSED SHOP - "gone fishing" to RITUALCRAVT!


We are sorry to let you know we will be closed from Thurs June 7th - 11th due to us teaching classes and traveling to our lovely witchy sisters at Ritualcravt in Denver, CO! Come see us there - we will be teaching an Entomology Class along with doing a FREE Bone Articulation demo. Did we mention we will be traveling with For Strange Women and Rattlebone Designs? This will be epic!!

FRIDAY -  11am
Entomology Class

FRIDAY - 2pm & again at 7:30pm
Bone Articulation Demo

FRIDAY - 7pm - 10pm
Night Market @ Ritualcravt with For Strange Women & Rattlebone Design
Performance by Teri Quinn @ 8pm

Intro to Green Witch by For Strange Women

Hope to see you there Denver!!! 

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