Photo by Lauren Thurman-KIng  (Jane Almirall, Alessandra Dzuba, Carrie Parker)

Photo by Lauren Thurman-KIng  (Jane Almirall, Alessandra Dzuba, Carrie Parker)

Oracle, is a natural science store featuring framed insects, bones, unusual taxidermy, beautiful memento mori pieces, and oddities. We strive to acquire humane taxidermy and share a passion for the unique and strange side of the natural world. This thoughtfully curated shop is for lovers of the odd, beautiful, and the bizarre along with a place to learn and delve deeper into the unknown. Follow us @oraclekc or our website to keep up with events and classes offered at our storefront!


Jane Almirall grew up in southern Missouri and spent part of her childhood on a horse farm, an experience which fostered her love of animals and nature. Jane is a working artist with a master's degree in painting and drawing, her artwork utilizes representative, figurative imagery, which - in the spirit of one thing leading to another - has made her a collector of curiosities and natural science specimens.

Alessandra Dzuba spent most of her childhood days dreaming up animal monsters, pretending to be a mad scientist, and catching and growing butterflies in the city parks of Montreal. Today, she's still dreaming and drawing monsters, but with a bachelors in printmaking and psychology, we're pretty sure she isn't mad. A nomad at heart, she spends her days in Oracle, while the rest of her time is split between co-running Fraction Print Studio, gallery shows, being a nerd, and playing with bones. 

To see more of Alessandra's artwork and articulations, visit here.

Carrie Parker is a Sagittarius, a psychologist and a collector of beautiful oddities. Carrie has a deep love and passion for nature and the treasures which can be found therein. In another lifetime, she was a practicing Witch Doctor with a greenhouse, a menagerie of animals and insects, as well as a knife-throwing studio. 

For inquiries or more information about Numerology, Astrology and Carrie's intuitive counseling practice, visit here.