{ Spell Candles }

    Spell candles aren’t just pretty to have around, they can also be chosen based on individual power. Each color serves a specific purpose or can bring about a certain change when burned, primarily focusing on spiritual, emotional, and physical healing or cleansing. When burning spell candles, begin with white to purify and burn a black candle to set the energy in motion. It is also important to allow the candle to burn out of its own volition or, if necessary, snuff them out. Simply blowing out a candle could disperse its energy throughout the room, leaving less power for your cause. 


    Though there are endless possibilities for colors and color combinations, here in the shop we carry white, ivory, red, pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, light blue, purple, and black. 

Combinations of multiple candles can be used to amplify the desired affect. An example of this would be using blue and purple at the same time for intense healing. 

    Color therapy, or chromotherapy, closely relates to the practice of spell candle burning as it utilizes the abilities of different colors to influence mood and emotions in order to impact specific qualities. Colors have been studied and used for healing purposes for more than 2000 years. Color healing charts have been found on papyrus from 1550BC and Ancient Egyptians are known to have decorated rooms with particular colors, presumably for the corresponding affect it had on the inhabitants. Healing color can be administered in many different fashions.  Various groups of ancient peoples were known to have utilized the power of color through constructing rooms in which sunlight shining through colored glass “bathed” the patient in the needed color. This form of color therapy is referred to as phototherapy, due to its use of light. Other uses, like pendants, candles, lamps, and the placement of color in a similar manner to the placement of needles in acupuncture are common methods of healing today. 

Chromotherapy colors are chosen based on the specific needs of the patient. If one aspect is sought, the corresponding color is used. However the opposite color can be used to lessen any buildup that may have occurred over time. What makes spell candles particularly wonderful is that chromotherapy’s use of color is remarkably similar, if not identical, to its spell candle meaning. 

Happy healing!