{ Curio Of The Month For Real This Time }

We are excited to announce our new and improved Curio Of The Month Club, Y'all! (This is perfect for you lovelies who live out of town and who love getting a surprise in the mail!)  




TIER ONE: $15 per month

This tier is the perfect introduction for a new collector - each month members will receive different items from our collection of curiosities, including but not limited to crystals, incense, meditation bundles, animal bones, small animal skulls and teeth, shells and other sea life. Please specify if your interests lean more towards metaphysical and witchy or are natural science based.   

*this tier requires in-store pick-up


TIER TWO: $25 per month

This tier combines items from our natural science collection (small animal skulls and bones, fossils, etc.) as well as metaphysical and spiritual items (crystals, stones, incense, palo santo and witchy bundles) - you can specify if you have a particular area of focus for your collection. This membership is excellent for those to wish to add beautiful specimens to their existing collection!


TIER THREE: $50 per month

Members of this tier will receive hand selected framed insects and preserved animal skulls from our collection. Each specimen is thoughtfully curated, makes an excellent gift for those who wish to add specialty pieces to their growing curio collection!


TIER FOUR: $100 per month

Members of this tier will receive hand selected framed insects, butterflies and moths, preserved animal skulls and other unusual selections from our shop collection. This membership also includes remarkable stones, crystals and fossils as well as the occasional meditation bundle!

*We offer our Curio Of The Month Club for half and full year memberships!