{ Meet Ash MIyagawa }

I don't know what we did to deserve having such awesome people in our shop, but we struck pure gold with Ash Miyagawa - an artist, illustrator and science-enthusiast! Her work is badass and we want her to move in and stay with us forever. (We aren't creepy).

Ash Miyagawa, ink 2014-2015

Ash Miyagawa, ink 2014-2015


ORACLE - What is your background? (this can be anything you wish to share; hometown, education, age, work experience before Oracle, etc)

ASH MIYAGAWA - I'm a 22 year old from Chicago, IL. I'm currently in my last semester at the Kansas City Art Institute, and I'm probably the only barista in the world who is not a morning person (which is what I do to pay for cat food when I'm not at Oracle).

O - What is your area of study/focus?

AM - Illustration and Printmaking, with a focus in scientific illustration.


O - What are your interests?

AM - The entirety of the natural world (but especially botany), nonfiction books & essays, eating A+ peaches (they're so rare) and finding very high places.


Ash Miyagawa, Ink + Digital, 2015

Ash Miyagawa, Ink + Digital, 2015


O - What is your favorite thing to do at Oracle?

AM - I really like getting to help with projects like the jawbone talismans or the wet specimens, but I really love deep cleaning the place. It gives me a quiet time to reflect on things and fall in love with all the organic shapes all over again. I always feel better when I finish.


O - Very important, serious and professional question, what is your favorite snack?

AM - (Very specifically) That dehydrated "just mango- no sulfates!" dried mango from Trader Joes. I could live on just that. 


O - What is your best, post-apocalyptic/pioneer-type skill?

AM - Based on past experience, I've found that I'm part cockroach when it comes to dealing with difficult times, so that. My cockroach-like tendencies. 

Ash Miyagawa, Ink 2014

Ash Miyagawa, Ink 2014

You can check out more of Ash Miyagawa's excellent work here - or better yet, go have a wonderful snack/breakfast/lunch/coffee/tea at Mildred's Coffeehouse and see her work in person!!