{ Three Card Monday }

Hi Y'all - I hope you had a great weekend, now let's see what we can accomplish this week!


Position 1: This card represents the effects of the situation on the mental level. Thoughts, perceptions, and awareness. - Knight of Swords - A powerful, creative force or life-changing person - bringing change and upheaval. The Knight of Swords is known for his courage and pursuit of justice - quick to react to opposition and challenge your philosophical viewpoints. This card is here to bring movement and change - and to remind us to sharpen our communication skills. 

Position 2: This card represents the effects of the situation on the physical level. Health, home, business, environment. - Six of Swords - this one is scary for people because it's the literal death card. It denotes a passing, this can be moving past hardships for progress, or actually grieving a loss...but it isn't a complete bummer. The six of swords signifies a change for the better and a shift from struggle to serenity - a transition towards enlightenment. Given the current climate of violence and wrong-doing in the world, I'm not surprised by this card. The lesson is move through our grief and put our energy towards righting the situation, to speak up for those who may not have a voice and to come from a place of love and healing with high intentions. Nothing remains the same, even though we may currently be in a SUPER SHITTY part of this life cycle, there is always change. 

Position 3: This card represents the effects of the situation on a spiritual level. Identity, passion, self-expression and karma. - Eight of Pentacles - This card signifies a foundation built from wisdom,experience, growth and productivity from hard work. It is really about being satisfied because you have created your own future - the reward for your hard work is the knowledge that you have done what you loved and have done it well. 

So, how does all of this tie together this week? We are going to accept the challenges of this week with our mental agility and we will be ready to make necessary changes. We will approach the our current environment with compassion, courage and grace - allow ourselves to experience sadness and to heal, but also step forward to create a better future. And finally, we will put our working energy towards things which we truly feel passionate about - we will learn the shit out of that thing, master the shit out of that thing and then we will bask in the glory of being awesome.