{Three Card Monday }

Hi Y'all! I hope this finds you well - we have a pretty intense reading for the week, but I think it bodes well for a positive outcome. Shall we take a look?


- The Hermit - We might be feeling a bit like we are in crisis mode lately, and The Hermit's presence is certainly indicative of needing to confront and accept change and also to let go. Crisis can yield positive transformation, the trick here is being able to change our perspective and be receptive to alternate points of view. We are invited to engage in some silent introspection and re-evaluation - this lantern lights the path for real wisdom, Y'all.

- Judgement - Again, we are being given a card which symbolizes transformation and liberation. Judgement exists as a wake-up call for us, the emergence of a vocation and a calling to follow our conscience and intuition and rise above our immediate and personal 'needs'. I can't help but see it as a reminder for us to cultivate empathy, to recognize that if something isn't good for us (me), it isn't good for anybody (humanity). 

- Nine of Swords - If we are able to accept change and let go of the things that no longer serve us as an individual and/or community, well then shit gets really good y'all. Nine of Swords is all about illumination gained through new understanding - we break our old habits and intellectually let go. This card always makes me think of the kind of self-inflicted mental torture we put ourselves through - creating hypothetical issues, often at the expense of dealing with actual, real problems. It's a trap - let's stop falling for it so we can experience real clarity and put our minds towards positive action in the world.



I wanted to post a three card pull that I did for myself last Friday. I borrowed my homegirl's Wild Unkown deck because it always gives such beautiful and clear readings. I felt like the message I received was clear as a bell and also relevant to others who might also be feeling a little scared and lost lately. Check it out:


- The Moon - Yes...I am feeling uncertain and I have fears. (No shit, Tarot).

- The Lovers - But..I have love, partnership, union and the support of the people I love. This is super important.

- Strength - Therefore...I have strength. Not to be super sappy (but I am what I am), love is our greatest gift and tool during difficult times. Love gives us strength to make the impossible come to fruition.

(Nothing drove this message home more clearly than watching y'all come out and march on Saturday! Seeing your beautiful faces turn up on social media outlets moved me to tears, with your excellent signs and open hearts. Thank you for marching and for giving me hope).

 *These three card readings are intended for us all as a community and are therefore broad. If you are interested in a more specific, in-depth reading - we offer individual readings at Oracle as well! If you would like to schedule an appointment for an individual reading, you can do that here or give us a ring at 816.982.9550. You can also join us for one of our monthly Tarot Workshop & Happy Hour events and learn more about cartomancy!