{ Natural Voice with Laura Frank }

We are partnering up with someone really awesome to do something amazing.


Y'all. I am ridiculously excited for this workshop we are offering next month! Laura Frank of Inner Space Yoga is coming to Oracle on May 7th to offer her beautiful Throat Chakra opening workshop, Natural Voice! Check it out:

 ++ Natural Voice: A Throat Chakra Workshop ++

Song and mantra are powerful tools for self healing and connecting with the whole in nearly every spiritual practice around the world.  Singing in a group allows one to surrender the ego and enter into a group meditation.  All are welcome, especially those who feel blocked or insecure in any matters relating to the throat chakra, communication, and singing.  We will work together to find the natural voice and heal past traumas associated with the throat chakra in a safe, ceremonial space. 

What to expect/bring: 

People should dress comfortable enough to do some light stretching.  We will be sitting the floor for a period of time, so people may want to bring a cushion, folded blanket, or back jack.  It is important to stay hydrated, so people might want to bring water to drink. Also, people should bring a small, meaningful item or talisman to charge at the altar like a stone, scarf, charm, piece of jewelry, etc. 

This class will be held at Oracle (130 West 18th Street, KCMO 64108) on Sunday, May 7, 2017 from 4:30pm-7:00pm. 

+++ This workshop will include +++

- An altar building ritual and teachings on how to work with a 7 directions altar. 
- A discussion about medicine songs and chants.
- A discussion about the throat chakra.
- Breath work and yoga to activate the Vishuddah (throat chakra) and expand lung capacity.
- Group learning and singing of medicine songs. 
- Creation of an original vocal score for a therapeutic and heart opening experience.


+++ About Laura Frank +++

Laura is native to and based in the heartland, Kansas City, Missouri where she owns Inner Space Yoga. It is her mission as a yoga studio owner and teacher to provide a safe and nurturing space to heal, grow, learn, and expand consciousness.
 Laura has a background in performing arts. She has trained, performed and taught with vocal and movement masters around Europe and the US for the past 15 years.  
In the past, she worked in these traditions to generate material for performances but when she found herself on the path of initiation, Laura recognized the healing power of movement, song and mantra.  She currently works with and studies shamanic healing practices from Central and South America with her teachers Santiparro in the US and Shipibo Maestros Don Sina and Bawan Meni in the Peruvian Amazon.


It's going to be incredible and I hope you can make it, I'll be there! You can register for this workshop online, here!