{ May Day Monday }

Happy Beltane Y'all!! Got any awesome bonfire plans? Want to see which card I pulled for us to focus on this week?



You are probably not going to die from shock when I share with you that the card I pulled is none other than the Nine of Swords. Again? You may be asking, but bad habits are tough to break, y'all. This card has come up quite a lot for us recently and seems to be needling us to get out of our negative thought processes (and, therefore, out of our own way). If we took time last week to let some of our thoughts and ideas really germinate, we may have also let some of those neggy little voices shout louder during this time of repose. 

The Nine of Swords likes to remind us to listen to others (which makes sense, as last week we were reminded by the appearance of The Hanged Man to see things from another's point of view), that our ideas are a part of the world - but not all of it. This is about finding illumination through a deeper spiritual practice which can be reached when we let go of our old mental habits. 

How can we use this card to move forward this week? If we are able to break away from a mindset or pattern that has failed work for us, we are making room for actual clarity. Putting our focus on positive outcomes and directing our thoughts towards what we seek, want and hope for - rather than on the things we wish to avoid or nightmare scenarios - allows us to intellectually set our intentions for progress. It's not as easy as it sounds. Habits are super hard to break from, and it takes practice. I often have to catch myself from going full-martyr in my head - or worse, vilifying people, environments and dogmas that I am distancing myself from to make myself feel justified and validated for bugging out.  What I (WE) really need to do is say NAH BRUH to all that horseshit and put our mental energy and focus on our victories and positive attributes - feed THAT wolf instead of the one that acts like a jerk. 

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