{ Mingledingle Monday }

I felt like this week really called for one of those loud and clear kinds of messages, so I went to my beautiful Scrying Ink deck for guidance. This week's focus card is really keeping in theme with our last couple of card pulls (Hanged Man and Nine of Swords), hold on to your butts because this week I pulled.....




Ah yes, Broom. In traditional Lenormand decks this card is presented with the Whip, but this particular deck takes that message one step further by being even more specific. Broom is indicative of clearing away, separation, dissolution and truth - it also signifies a time for some fresh starts. Unlike the argumentative nature of Whip, Broom is more of a cleansing card, sweeping away lies and unhealthy situations to give way to a new beginning.

Lenormand Broom (Whip) is represented by the Jack of Clubs (AKA Page of Wands) in cartomancy, which means this is also a time that is ripe with opportunity. It's good for us to embrace this change with positivity and enthusiasm, but to keep our impulsiveness in check. Change is not easy, Y'all. I know some of you may be experiencing some difficult or uncomfortable transitions right now and it might be hard to keep your chin up about it. Broom here is letting you know that you are making room in your heart for things which truly enrich your soul, and you will come out of this a happier, healthier person. 

We have been working on changing our perspective, on breaking our bad mental habits and now we are being asked to really clear the air and make space for those new possibilities that are opening for us. Let's do this shit!

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