{ Magic Monday }

So, who here is still reeling from all that eclipse energy last week? It was amazing to get to experience it and it felt pretty incredible given the amount of personal change I've been dealing with lately. I've been feeling a little tapped out as a result, maybe you have too? Whether you are feeling supercharged or super-crashed, I think this week's reading can apply to all of us:


- Four of Swords - This card is all about being in a state of rest and recovery - it begs us to withdraw for a while and get more introspective. In this solitude, we aim to heal our spirit and mind, it's also a good time to set boundaries so that you are able to function better in the eye of the storm. Stay calm, stay centered...let the chaos around you churn while you meditate and keep your shit together. 

- Eight of Cups - In which Tarot looked at the first card and said, 'I see your Four of Swords and I raise you this Eight of Cups...' It's all well and good to make space for self-examination, but you have been spreading yourself too thin and the sacrifice here is you. Time to stop fucking around - look at the amount of energy you put into tending your relationships, it's a lot, isn't it? It's time to start putting more energy into your own needs. To avoid feeling empty and emotionally exhausted, you need to become a better caregiver for yourself. Honor those boundaries you have worked hard to establish and stop giving your energy away to others. 

- The Sun - A card which symbolizes positivity and success in all endeavors, The Sun is representative of the vital energy of your true self. Once you are able to recognize your needs and tend to them, you will be making space for personal growth and happiness to come to you. I love seeing this card, Y'all - good things are on the horizon!


*These tarot card readings are intended for us all as a community and are therefore broad. If you are interested in a more specific, in-depth reading - we offer individual readings at Oracle as well! If you would like to schedule an appointment for an individual reading, you can do that here or give us a ring at 816.982.9550. You can also join us for one of our monthly Tarot Workshop & Happy Hour events and learn more about cartomancy!