{ Oracle Origin Story :: Update }

Oracle Fine Curiosities was founded in 2013 by psychologist Carrie Parker and artist/illustrator Jane Almirall. Oracle, a natural science and oddities shop with an interest in divination tools, attracted a beautiful community of customers and clients who were interested in science, art and metaphysical ephemera. Not long after opening it’s doors, Oracle entered a partnership with artist, Alessandra Dzuba, whose background in entomology and osteology became the literal backbone (*articulated spine) of the shop.



In November of 2017, Ms. Dzuba assumed sole ownership of Oracle - now Oracle Natural Science - and has continued to grow the community of natural science enthusiasts as well as spiritual growth seekers, healers and artists with her sustainable and thoughtfully curated space. Alessandra Dzuba continues her work as an artist, www.alessandradzuba.com, and showcases her one of a kind works and assemblage pieces at Every Day Original, which can be found here.



Carrie Parker has turned her focus on her intuitive counseling practice, Sacred Psyche, and has opened a beautiful space for her clients located in the Historic Tower East neighborhood at 901 East 31st St., KCMO 64109. Ms. Parker hosts events and workshops which explore a variety of divination modalities, all of which can be found on her site, www.yoursacredpsyche.com and on instagram.



Jane Almirall has returned to her first love, competitive hot dog eating. I kid! Ms. Almirall is creating an oracle divination deck, collaborating with fellow artists and creators, as well as teaching workshops and reading Tarot for clients. Her illustrations and drawings can be found at www.janealmirall.net, and on her instagram.