{ It's On For Real This Time }

Holy smokes y'all. Since we were first handed the keys to our new shop location a few moons ago, we have been working diligently around the clock to get ready to re-open. Ladders were climbed. Windows were scraped and replaced. Fixtures were built. Paint got in our hair and food and on our clothes - but mostly on the walls. Several talented, kind and attractive people helped us out HUGE - and we are so grateful to all of you.

The time we have been waiting for is now upon us and we couldn't be happier! We officially re-open our doors this Friday, April 4th at 5:00 pm - just in time for the Crossroads First Friday Artwalk! In keeping with our theme of expansion, we have also expanded our store hours so now you will have even more opportunities to come see our curiosities and treasures - and maybe even take a little friend home with you.

See you there!

{ IT'S ON! }

We have some exciting, big news: Oracle - Fine Curiosities - is expanding and moving to a larger space!

The best part is, we are staying in our beloved Crossroads neighborhood - our future home is just across the street at 130 W. 18th Street (the corner shop next to YJ's Snack Bar)!

We are temporarily closed at this time, but working diligently to get our new space looking fancy for you. (See enclosed photos below - we are wearing respirators and climbing scary ladders and everything!)

In the interim, we will soon be launching an online store right here on this site  (TBA) and you can ring Carrie (719.216.3071) if your taxidermy, skull and framed insect needs become too great to endure. After all, Valentine's Day approaches and nothing says, 'I LOVE YOU' like a jar of assorted teeth!

photo (91).JPG

(Proudly brandishing the keys to our new space!)

photo (90).JPG


photo (89).JPG


photo (88).JPG

(Elbow grease!)