{ Evil Pawn Jewelry }

Y'all, we have some really cool news! Here's a hint:

Shown here: Serpent Amulet, Chow Wheel Amulet, and the Freya Quartz Necklace.

Shown here: Serpent Amulet, Chow Wheel Amulet, and the Freya Quartz Necklace.


A few months ago I was on the shop floor at Oracle when a gorgeous woman walked in. She was dressed head-to-toe in black, had a beautiful medicine bag around her neck and was wearing the most incredible jewelry. I greeted her as I normally would, but then had to consciously keep myself from staring because she looked amazing and I didn't want to creep her out. I got to take a closer look at her exquisite rings and necklaces when I was ringing her up and because I am 35% magpie and 65% goblin, I finally broke down and asked her where her jewelry was from.

"Evil Pawn Jewelry. I made them!", she replied. 

I immediately begged her for her contact information, hoping that I could convince her to let us carry her jewelry and medicine bags in the shop. Through communicating with Faith over the following months, I learned so much about her - not only her art but also the extensive healing nature and thought that goes into each piece. This isn't surprising, if you follow her instagram account, Faith writes so beautifully about the significance of each piece and includes insight into her creative process, her own family history and her practice as a healer.

We are so proud and excited to have Evil Pawn Jewelry in Oracle, it's an honor for us - we have pendant necklaces, rings, bracelets, Crow Wheel Amulets and vegan leather medicine bags  - come see this incredible woman's work and prepare to adorn yourself in metal!!