{ Three Card Monday }

Hi Y'all, did you have a good weekend? I had food poisoning AND my daughter's first slumber party, so mine was somewhat of a mixed bag.

I've done something a little different for this week's reading - I felt like this is going to be an emotionally heavy and/or draining week for most people (at least for the four of you who read this blog) and I thought that a single card pull would give us enough scope for the week. Not surprisingly, I pulled this guy:


~ Five of Cups ~ This guy is super bummed out, Y'all. He sees that some jerkface has gone and knocked over three of his cups and he is grievously disappointed to see them spilled. Five of Cups is all about feeling emotionally vulnerable - either due to actual loss or because of some heartfelt disappointment. I know a lot of people who have felt this way recently, myself included, but we need to remember the silver lining that is present here. We have the ability to weather all kinds of storms and we must remember that there is opportunity to be found in adversity. Rather than focusing on the three cups which have spilled out onto the ground, we simply need to turn around and look to the two full cups behind us. This is actually a card for hope. If we are able to take an honest look at our experiences and review them with compassion and understanding, then we can move forward with this knowledge and and change our situation for the better. Hope, Y'all!

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