{ Three Card Monday }

Hi Y'all! Did you have a good break? Mine was excellent, lots of hiking and family time and generally mulling over the brain raccoon fodder I have going on. Let's ease into this week with a little three card pull, eh? 


- Page of Swords - This fuckin' guy. Well, so we've been collecting data and obtaining knowledge and we feel prepared to use it....but we still don't have a handle on the most practical application of this information. I feel like we are ready to jump in two different directions, and each path contradicts the other. This Page harbors some doubts and indecision in the face of potential action. Time for us to knuckle down and make an informed step forward....



- Nine of Wands - The thing to remember here, is that we must be true to ourselves (and this very thing should inform our actions). The wands relate to creative expansion, removing any distracting and extraneous flourishes and really distilling a thing down to it's very essence. The Nine of Wands assures us that our endeavor is not one of futility, that we have earned our place through hard work and tremendous discipline. The nine is a symbol of strength, telling us to accept our challenges rather than avoid them.



- Knight of Swords - Time to do this thing y'all. We are going to have to use our words and use them well in the pursuit of justice and truth. Full disclosure: I can't stand the signs at the airport that read, 'if you see something, say something' but you know, with good judgement this applies here. If you see something fucked up, you need to speak up for yourself and for others. We've done well to inform ourselves, we have worked hard to earn our position here and now we can act with courage and conviction. Fear is the mind killer, y'all - permit it to pass over and through you, and then get going!



- Jeff Goldblum - Let us just take a moment of pause to appreciate the beauty and wisdom found in Jeff Goldblum's Jurassic Park character, Dr. Ian Malcom, fictional mathematician and self-professed 'chaotician'. Enjoy.


 *These three card readings are intended for us all as a community and are therefore broad. If you are interested in a more specific, in-depth reading - we offer individual readings at Oracle as well! If you would like to schedule an appointment for an individual reading, you can do that here or give us a ring at 816.982.9550. You can also join us for one of our monthly Tarot Workshop & Happy Hour events and learn more about cartomancy!

{ Three Card Monday :: Gratitude }

Y'all. Before we kick this week off, all of us here at Oracle would like to thank YOU - our customers, our readers, and our FB & IG followers, for being such an excellent part of our community. You are EXCELLENT and without you and your support, we wouldn't be here. We appreciate each and every one of you so much - thank you for helping us grow and for sharing our passion for beautiful and weird shit! 

Nine of Swords, The World, and Ace of Pentacles.   

Nine of Swords, The World, and Ace of Pentacles.


I wanted to contextualize this week's reading with Jodorowsky's 'Yes, But......Therefore!' strategy - it's a great one to use when you don't necessarily have a question, or perhaps are confronted with conflicting desires. FUN! 

~ Nine of Swords - Our 'Yes' card is our situation, it's where we are now. Roughly, we are collectively on the brink of a new understanding. This is a card of illumination - in which we break old mental habits and intellectually let go. This process puts the power back into our hands as we quiet the worst-case scenarios and 'what ifs' and look only at 'what is'. 

~ The World - Our 'But' card is the obstacle or challenge for us. The World, of course, is the final card of the Major Arcana and represents total realization and enlightenment. So, you know, BFD. The World represents what we all aspire to gain on this life journey, so yeah, it makes sense that getting to this point will be a tough (but fulfilling) road.  I would imagine our challenges here lie in freeing ourselves from self-destruction as we make our way towards totality and put ourselves at the service of humanity, but you know, I'm just spit-ballin' here.

~ Ace of Pentacles - Our 'Therefore!' card provides the clue (or clues) needed to find resolve. This card signifies material energy in all of it's potential forms and directs our questions to the concrete aspects of life. This is a card about the beginning of abundance (in family life, money, health and and home). If we plant the seeds for abundance, nurture them and foster this growth, then we are well on our way to becoming active in the World.

Pretty lofty stuff, eh? I couldn't just leave well enough alone, so I pulled........

::::::::: BONUS CARD Y'ALL ::::::::: 


~ The Tower - Okay Y'all. This card tends to reaaaaallly bum people out when it comes up in readings, but let me tell you, I love this card. (I have also included some bonus Jeff Goldblum in his titular role as Dr. Ian Malcom, Chaotician, to put you in a state of ease while we talk about why The Tower is actually an awesome card). This card has always come up for me when I am about to go through a pretty significant change. This is a card of transformation - things that used to be closed to us are now open, this is a call to push the boundaries and go beyond our mental and emotional limits. This card signifies the emergence of something that was imprisoned, having our foundations shaken a bit, all to open us up to raise our consciousness. This card also falls into the 'Therefore!' position, so we need to remain open and receptive to radical change as we strive for our goals. Chaos, Y'all!

See you next year!