{Muggle Monday: Ten of Pentacles - Citrine edition!}

Hi Y'all. I hope you are well, nice to have some sunshine days lately! The card I pulled this week is a lovely one to get - the Ten of Pentacles! Let's take a deep dive, shall we?



The Ten of Pentacles

I know it doesn't always seem like it, but with the Ten of Pentacles, we have all that we need. The pentacles signifies security and abundance - at the number ten we have reached the pinnacle of our material wealth. Now, I'd like to take some time to discuss abundance a bit because traditionally the pentacles are tied to monetary wealth, but I think it's important to recognize that abundance comes in many forms, not just financial. Our health, our happiness, feelings of satisfaction with our various relationships all fall under this umbrella of 'abundance'. This type of comfort and fulfillment gives way to the Ace of Wands and makes room for creativity and growth in the spiritual realm. This card is also about wisdom, our experiences have been our teachers and we have reached a point in which we know how to best invest our time and energy. Our ideas and investments can take flight - we got this. 


++ Citrine ++

Citrine is known by many other names, I've heard it called The Success Stone, The Merchant's Stone, and The Prosperity Stone. This bright stone has energies of good fortune and success and is used in meditational practices to manifest personal success and abundance. More abundance, you say? That's right! Citrine is believed to bring good health, fortune, happiness, confidence and personal wisdom to those who use it. It's a super good one y'all, citrine is my homie. 

*Fun Fact! Most Citrine you find on the market is actually amethyst or smoky quartz which has been heat-treated.  Heat-treated citrine shares the same metaphysical properties as naturally occurring citrine, though it is more rare.