{ Mother's Day Monday }

Yes, it's the day after Mother's Day, but who am I to miss out on a perfect alliteration when opportunity presents itself? In the spirit of honoring motherhood (in all the forms this archetype can represent), I decided to choose a card deliberately today. Our focus card for the week is none other than the ultimate 'Mother' in Tarot, The Empress.


The Empress represents all things nurturing, including the experiences of conception, gestation, birth, guidance and the care needed to facilitate growth. Qualities associated with this card are patience, creativity, fertility, nature, wisdom, abundance, beauty and the capacity for giving and receiving love. 

When the Empress turns up in your reading, she is usually there to herald a time of directionless, explosive creativity. While the directionless part is a little scary, I always take this as good news, as my old ass can always use some youthful energy with my visionary rebirth. And how do we apply the lessons of the Empress? Baby your ideas, give them patience and care - cultivate a healthy environment for them to thrive in and then watch them develop into something good. Remember to be receptive to this type of fertile energy when you feel it, and don't be afraid to get weird, y'all - the Arts and Sciences (and all of us other weirdos) need you. 

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