Hi Y'all! I am currently out of town visiting family during my kiddos spring break, so I'm unable to do a Three Card Monday pull. I didn't want to leave you hanging, so I pulled a little card for us and thought we could take a deeper dive into the meaning of this card!




 (or the Heal Thy Self card)

Words that are associated with this card are Harmony, Moderation, Balance, Health, Healing and Protection. This card usually appears as a sign of healing or reconciliation - the two are not mutually exclusive and if you, like me, figured out SOME SHIT last week during Venus Retrograde, then it makes a lot of sense for Temperance to show up. I take it as a call for us to take some intensive time for self-care, to own our shit and delve into some radical self-acceptance. What does this mean for you and I? I think a large part depends on where we choose to expend our efforts and energy. We have to let go of the things that no longer serve us - unhealthy mental or behavioral habits, unhealthy or abusive relationships - and it's imperative that we hold ourselves accountable for our own part in creating (or staying complacent) in a toxic environment. Anger is when we drink the poison and expect the other person to die. This is a good time for us to take stock and re-evaluate our lives, to find union within ourselves and restore our health, mental and emotional balance. We can do this shit, Y'all.

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