{ Oracle's Grand Holiday Party - Part 3 }

:: Dec 22nd :: 4pm-9pm :: Wanna know our line up for our Holiday Party?! Dang, I am excited - check out these women ::


Hungry Foxes


Hungry Foxes is alternative folk artist, Hannah Albina. Her music is meditative yet raw. She sings from her heart and plays from her gut. Currently residing in Kansas City, Hungry Foxes is about to begin work on her first album.


Margo May


“Inspired by everyone from Loretta Lynn to Lykke Li, Margo May has been writing songs since she was 15. Because she was underage at the time, May slowly gained some traction in her hometown, Kansas City, by playing whatever coffee houses and venues would let her on stage. That was a comfortable place for May as she’d worked in professional theatre as a kid. Now that she’s older, May balances her love of acting with her passion for pop, crafting songs than span a spectrum which mirrors her influences. “At the end of the day, though,” May has said, “I know my strength and it is folk music.” Despite appreciating the immediacy of pop, May also understands that folk music ages well. It’s also a lot more portable and playable for a solo artist on the rise, and it suits the sound of heartbreak a bit better.”  -The Blue Grass Situation, 2015



Teri Quinn


A Northern girl with a Southern heart living in the Mid-West, Teri Quinn writes tunes that are sweet yet savory. With her clawhammer banjo playing and old time hollerin', she mixes an old fashioned sound with a modern grit. Drawing inspiration from moon phases and matters of the heart, her enchanting presence is sure to bewitch you.

Ana Maldonado


Ana Maldonado will play beautiful music to make your heart sing.

See you all Friday the 22nd!

{ Oracle's Grand Holiday Party - Part 2 }

:: Dec 22nd :: 4pm-9pm :: If you saw our previous post, here is another sneak peak of the rest of the artists that will be attending our grandiose Holiday Party!  Come join us and these talented women for our extended holiday hour and last minute shopping that will be perfect for some  fun time and family friendly event (especially for those out of town guests)! We will be turning Oracle into a mini market of our local artists and locally made goods, along with live music of some super talented KC musicians! 

:: Here's a sneak peak of four out of seven local makers attending ::


Amanda Lee - Pleasesendword


PleaseSendWord brings you small batch witch crafted herbal medicines. All work rooted in a belief in body sovereignty and radical autonomy. Self care as ritual / ritual as self care. for magic. for medicine.

She has spent years of study to come back to Kansas City with her knowledge of green witchery, salves, teas, and tinctures. More info here http://www.pleasesendword.com/home

Evie Englezos - Sweet Destructor


Sweet Destructor is Evie Englezos,- printmaker turned ceramicist and volunteer wildlife rehabber. While working she thinks about earth and the natural world, the beauty of mystical thinking, death and humankind's desire to cheat it, past and future histories, ancient and recent mythologies, science and fiction and fantasy, the joy of creation and the necessity of destruction. You know, the regular stuff.

Teri Quinn - Rattlebone Design


Sustainably sourced creations with natures curiosities. Teri Quinn creates works of art out of materials gifted to her by our sweet mother nature. From statement jewelry to wall art, she packs in her magic to grace your home or body. She will also be part of our magical musicians songwriters that will be playing for the evening, more info to come.

Tara Tonsor - Lost & Found Design


Midwestern vibes, nature-enthusiast, and a curious wanderer. This is Lost & Found Design. Tara Tonsor started this company in 2006, taking apart found jewelry, hand-me-down items like my grandmother's charm bracelet, and thrift store sales. Five years later, discovering laser cutting. Blending graphic design & illustration, she translates hand-drawn artwork into new technology techniques. Using natural materials such as wood, leather, and bronze paired with modern design, Lost & Found Design has now branched from jewelry into home goods, and can personalize items you see listed.

See you all Friday the 22nd!

{ Insomnia }

I can't sleep. Insomnia has been hanging around and being a big bastard in my life for roughly twenty years now, and it has ranged from being annoying to downright crippling. I still struggle with it, and I've yet to figure out a surefire way to eliminate it from my life. I've tried everything (except for giving up coffee, which will never, ever, nerver erver happen. Please stop tssking me and shaking your head. I know what I'm doing. I gave up coffee for six months during my first pregnancy and all it did was make me ANGRIER when I was lying awake at night.) and despite my efforts to rid myself of this affliction, insomnia remains my awful, enduring constant. So, in conclusion, I can't sleep and I don't know what I can do about it. Now let's talk about how I bide my during my wakeful nights! 

I look up crap on the internet!

What I initially search for often leads me to beautiful things, but it doesn't take long for the brain raccoons to take the wheel and steer me in the direction of some truly weird shit - but that is for another post. I'm here to show you the pretty stuff - lookie:

OVATE - This incredibly beautiful, Montreal-based brand creates the most elegant, lovely pieces. I try not to purchase new (unused) clothing unless I know it was handcrafted by an actual person. I absolutely love seeing a designer embrace the beauty of texture found in natural fibers - I want all of the Ovate - I've spent many a late night with saucer eyes coveting.Follow Ovate on Instagram here to see more!

La Abeja Herbs - Created by herbalist and folk healer Sophia Rose, La Abeja Herbs provides tinctures, elixirs, salves, herbal blends, oils, teas and other medicinal magic. It's awesome, Y'all. After bookmarking several of her concoctions, I finally broke down and purchased her Kava Oil blend and it is wonderful stuff. Not only does the Kava oil smell super pretty, it makes my neck and shoulders feel like I'm not a stress-fueled, knotted-up, hunched-over Goblin person. You can follow her on Instagram, here


Janna Tew - I found this make-up artist's Youtube channel by accident and I am so glad. I love an unconventional approach to beauty. My favorite video tutorial of hers illustrates how to achieve the effect of having cried glittery, lavender tears. It is most excellent. You can follow her on Instagram, here.



I hope you all have better luck falling asleep than I do, but if you don't, feel free to check out all of my recommendations for making your sleepless time feel less fruitful.