{ Magic Monday }

Is everyone ready for the Solar Eclipse (Of The Heart)? I'm SUPEREXCITED about it. The eclipse is bringing about some rapid change and it's a good idea for us to be ready to embrace the things which are out of our control (chaos). Adding to that, we have a new moon, making this a good time to let go of the things which no longer serve you and to work with this current of energy rather than try to fight against it. New beginnings Y'all, let's get into it! I pulled some cards to help us navigate through this - check it out:


- King of Swords - Well, good news! For those of you playing at home, the King of Swords was last card I pulled from last week's reading. Today it represents where we are, so it appears that we have been doing our work, so to speak. Sharing information and knowledge ~ while being receptive to the wisdom and counsel of others ~ we are using our intellectual and analytical strengths to come to a place of fairness with others. 

- Page of Wands - So, it's super hard to sit still and not act on all the the inspiration and revelations we are experiencing right now. It's easy to get swept up in the impulsive energy surrounding this card - but we still need to slow our roll. The opportunities presenting themselves are just the kind to feed our creative spirit, but we are lacking the experience and maturity necessary to bring these things to fruition. Keep your sense of adventure alive, but don't be too quick to make a move - slow and steady Y'all.

-Six of Cups - By allowing things to slow down, we can better embrace the memory and feelings of more carefree days. This card always talks about feeling connected to the joy, innocence and ease of childhood - I know this is not true for all of us, for many our childhoods can be a memory bank for trauma and hurt. I think what this means is, we can cultivate the feelings of playful ease if we give ourselves permission to experience magic. Did y'all have imaginary friends? Imaginary epic battles? Make potions out of mud and whatever else you could find in the yard? I think all children are pretty witchy and their sense of wonder and magic can get shamed out of us as we get older. Fuck that noise! Time to get in touch with your intuition and really flex your imagination muscles. Try to remember the things which give you real joy and revisit those things!


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