{ Online Store Updated! }

Just in time for the gift-giving season, we have updated our online shop with all of the (shippable) treasures we have in our store!

This is super good news for our excellent out-of-towner customers. If you have visited our shop or follow us on Instagram and have wondered, "How to I acquire these magnificent natural science specimens?" Or, '"How do I convince my loved ones to buy gifts for me from Oracle when they are not able to visit the shop in person or are not into walking into a natural science/curiosity/taxidermy/skull/animal remains store to buy gifts for me?"  Well, we have got you covered!

So, if you are unable to visit our store on West 18th Street in the Crossroads District of KCMO, then please avail yourself of our  updated online shop! <<<<<---- (LOOK! LOOK AT IT WITH YOUR EYEBALLS, WITNESS THE SPLENDOR!)



All photos by Christina Maki

{ Winter Solstice Bundles }

The Winter Solstice marks the shortest day of the year and subsequently, the longest night. There are festivals which celebrate this time of year all over the world - usually punctuated with a feast to kick off the Starvation Months (called such before refrigeration and canning and taco bell, when food was scarce in the winter) dating back to Neolithic times. 

To make this Winter less awful, we've made some lovely little Winter Solstice bundles for you (we were going to call them Non-demoninational-Celebratory-Wintertime-Funtime-Bundles, but it didn't quite roll off the tongue). Our bundles include Palo Santo for burning, symbolic of the yule log in your hearth; a white spell candle which brings peace, purity and spirituality and also symbolizes winter snowfall; kyanite which raises your vibration and is excellent for transitioning to a meditational state as well as deepening your intuition; abalone which represents the tides of emotion as well as change/transition; baculum, which is symbolic of prosperity (plus it makes us giggle); feathers to represent fauna and the approaching Spring; and finally two sticks of incense, lavender and chandan, because they smell pretty and we like you.

Winter is horrible.

Winter is horrible.