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:: July 1 :: First Friday Art Walk + Wunderhub Vintage Pop Up - We will be staying open late and are hosting an excellent pop up with Wunderhub Vintage!!

Come say hi, have a cocktail and shop in our unique atmosphere!!

:: July 9 :: Insect Spreading Class 4pm-6pm - $90 - Our butterfly pinning and framing class will introduce you to the basics of spreading and preserving your own butterfly specimen! We provide two butterflies, a lovely wooden frame with glass for presentation, as well as all of the tools required - just bring yourself! Professional instruction and hands-on demonstrations for re-hydrating, posing and preserving your butterfly will be provided. You will also learn framing and display techniques for your butterfly during the first class installment.

*Because it takes a while to dry - students will need to come back to pick up their finished piece - and you leave the class with a specimen that you spread, posed and framed yourself! 

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:: July 19 :: Numerology Happy Hour 4:30-6:30 pm - Our resident Potions Master, Carrie Parker will be offering numerology readings during the Hour of Happy! Bring your friends, It's going to be fun, y'all - come say hi, have a refreshment and get your *numerology on! You can sign up here on in person at our shop - see you there!

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:: July 23 :: Drawing Class 3pm-6pm - Oracle is having a Still Life Drawing Class on Saturday from 3:00pm to 6:00pm!!

The event costs $10, bring your own drawing materials and we will provide you with an excellent still life comprised from our beautiful collection of natural science specimens and oddities! 

Earlier Event: May 31
Later Event: July 29