{ Closet Goth }

I've identified as a closeted goth for many years now. Which is to say, I don't outwardly present as goth, but I like the stuff affiliated with goth culture (Coil, eyeliner, horror movies, black, ennui...you get it). To describe my closet, I'd have to paraphrase Sarah Vowell (who was quoting Johnny Cash), 'It's dark in there.' (Also, lacy). My style is a marriage of Jodorowsky's El Topo mixed with straight-up Grandpa - more of a 'Desert Goth', if you will. 

Anyways, I love witchy, dark things and - since you are here - you might also. Instagram has been a real treasure trove for discovering makers and sellers that I wouldn't otherwise have access to. Here is a list of some of the excellent finds that I've been eyeballing lately!


* Divina Tarot Deck - I already own Mary Elizabeth Evans' fantastic, illustrated Spirit Speak Tarot deck - it's the deck I've used most for clients and is a personal favorite, so clear and direct and it comes from a place of positivity and self love. I love it to pieces. So then I discovered that she created this OTHER illustrated deck and you guys... YOU GUYS. I want it. It looks so good y'all. I have so many tarot decks already and I'm learning this really old, complicated one and I really don't need another tarot deck...and yet....sigh. Please, one of y'all please get it and then come over and let me play with it? (Follow Mary Evans on Instagram, here. )

* Sisters of the Black Moon - This bombass shop looks amazing y'all. You could give me literally anything they sell in this joint and my little black heart would weep from happiness. It's beautifully curated and they carry one of my favorite lines. Worth checking out if you don't already stalk them online, *I mean follow them. (Pssst! Follow SOTBM Here!)

* Omnia Oddities - Another thing I love that I don't need more of is jewelry, but that doesn't stop me from deeply coveting the exquisite pieces at Omnia Oddities. All of the pieces created by Omnia Oddities are so darkly unique and lovely, the rings in particular trigger my 'grabby hands' response. If only I were born with more fingers.... 

You can follow Omnia Oddities here, you won't be sorry!


The Woman In Black, from El Topo, being awesome and looking dope. Siggggggghhhhhhhhhhh

The Woman In Black, from El Topo, being awesome and looking dope. Siggggggghhhhhhhhhhh