{Holiday Gift Guide }

Holidays are coming up soon, ready or not! For those of you with a wonderful weirdo in your life, you may be flummoxed over what kind of exquisite curiosity to give as a gift this season - and we are here to help! Oracle has put together a handy-dandy gift guide to help you find the perfect treasure for your loved ones!


{ Open Sundays! }

Hi Y'all - just a quick announcement about our end of summer business hours, we have expanded them! Friday and Saturday we are open from 11:00 am - 7:00 pm. and  Sundays from 11:00am - 3:00pm - come say hi and check out our excellent selection of natural science specimens, taxidermy, framed insects and butterflies, skeleton articulations, skulls, bones, crystals, sage (and witchy shit)!!

Felicien Rops

Felicien Rops

{ Meet Ash MIyagawa }

I don't know what we did to deserve having such awesome people in our shop, but we struck pure gold with Ash Miyagawa - an artist, illustrator and science-enthusiast! Her work is badass and we want her to move in and stay with us forever. (We aren't creepy).

Ash Miyagawa, ink 2014-2015

Ash Miyagawa, ink 2014-2015


ORACLE - What is your background? (this can be anything you wish to share; hometown, education, age, work experience before Oracle, etc)

ASH MIYAGAWA - I'm a 22 year old from Chicago, IL. I'm currently in my last semester at the Kansas City Art Institute, and I'm probably the only barista in the world who is not a morning person (which is what I do to pay for cat food when I'm not at Oracle).

O - What is your area of study/focus?

AM - Illustration and Printmaking, with a focus in scientific illustration.


O - What are your interests?

AM - The entirety of the natural world (but especially botany), nonfiction books & essays, eating A+ peaches (they're so rare) and finding very high places.


Ash Miyagawa, Ink + Digital, 2015

Ash Miyagawa, Ink + Digital, 2015


O - What is your favorite thing to do at Oracle?

AM - I really like getting to help with projects like the jawbone talismans or the wet specimens, but I really love deep cleaning the place. It gives me a quiet time to reflect on things and fall in love with all the organic shapes all over again. I always feel better when I finish.


O - Very important, serious and professional question, what is your favorite snack?

AM - (Very specifically) That dehydrated "just mango- no sulfates!" dried mango from Trader Joes. I could live on just that. 


O - What is your best, post-apocalyptic/pioneer-type skill?

AM - Based on past experience, I've found that I'm part cockroach when it comes to dealing with difficult times, so that. My cockroach-like tendencies. 

Ash Miyagawa, Ink 2014

Ash Miyagawa, Ink 2014

You can check out more of Ash Miyagawa's excellent work here - or better yet, go have a wonderful snack/breakfast/lunch/coffee/tea at Mildred's Coffeehouse and see her work in person!!